Friday, June 5, 2009


Why do I need all this:unnecessary fame, adoration? but what is this?

Awesome, great, thankful people who listen to my music when i am trying to pass all my thoughts and feelings through it?Who am i then?record player - the speaker. Music is in me. I am in the music. But who are we? We are not important to anyone and enything who doesn't know us....

White line

i had it, i have. Will i have this fame in the future? Everything dies one day. Music does NOT. Me in this Music - ?

Black line

I don't have to do all this.

White line

It brings happiness - not only me but everyone. Would the world change without me or my Little Black Sandals for example? Sample simple question. Sample simple answer:without me - would not. Maybe without LBS - i say "maybe" because i don't know - maybe someone heard it and protects his children now.

To sum up

We need everything what exists and what takes place in the Universe.

We are all needy.


  1. i have no words to say...awesome, Sia)so thoughtfully...

  2. I think it's all about interactions between human beings, so yeah in a way we need to feel conected to something.

    I think your words can sometimes made a connection between your feelings and the ones of an another person, and sometimes it is just so great to know a song, an artist... whinch can make a catharsis of what we feel.

    So we are all need to feel not lonely and better, I think.