Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The girl-legend






I'm talkin bou Miley Cyrus.

Fure down.

I bought her album Breakout

Fure down.

And listened to it.


Excellent! Don't be jealous to the other people even if they are 15.

By the way. Watched 17 Again.

Maybe i become mad?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Moon fever

Everyone around me talks about the Twilight Saga: newmoon.Later i asked:what's this?

They said:" Oh, Sia, You don't know?how could it be?"

So i say "ok" and watch Twilight.

One of the best films i have ever seen. Good work, Hardwick!(what a pity that not Hard Week - more suitable!)

Sorry for my second poppycock!

It's a pleasure for me to know, that Breathe Me single can become one of the soundtracks - thanks Benny and all your team!

And one more thing:right now i am reading New Moon book.

Twilight'ers is already finished!


I have excellent news!
Now everyone can read everything i am thinking about here in my blog!
So register on, subscribe to my blog Gourmandises By Sia+ and become my reader!
With love

No, i just don't wanna.....How to walk away as fast as... can.

Better do it at once. You don't like something - tell about it. "Say it, say it!"- asks Haley from Paramore. Say it!


Your boss told you about a new rule - no coffee while workin on some imp documents?

You look like pale white ice-cold ugly Zomby?

Say 'im:no.

Got the sack?Ok, now you can go home, take a cup of coffee, become rosy, warm, beautiful creature instead of dying without this precious cup of ground beans. That does not suit you?!

Walk Away+

Monday, June 8, 2009

Everyone has a life...?

In NYC i travel by subway, it is not so comfortable but i donwanna stand out, really))))))))

Every time i go down the escalator i watch the people around me:this girl is too haughty, this is the boy with an awful haircut....seems to be very nervous((((

I never thought that they are someone like me, a human, with parents,animals at home....They EVEN have their own favourite activities, mottoes, their OWN frank feelings and problems - so difficult to solve!

And this spotty guy with scruffy clothes and wet locks..!

Maybe he has a poultry at home, love it very much!adore it!it is his Lentil!

Everyone has a life, a name...

But when we hear "5 billion"- it seems to be a few...

Take care, don't forget...

Today is a brandnew day....

Everytime i tell myself:today is a new day. What for?If we would everyday think about the circumstances and events of the previous one, we will become mad people. So i say:do i need this?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Someone said blog is speaking russian.
Now i see this is true - just a problem of this site.
Sorry everyone - i changed the language - hope now it's fine.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know the juicy details of Dali's life(for the uneducated i explain: Salvador Dali, spanish artist , architect)?
I did not. I knew only after the viewing Little Ashes by Paul Morrison.
Watch it. He was a gay! What a surprise.
Does every creative persone become something like this?
Hope this is not true.


Why do I need all this:unnecessary fame, adoration? but what is this?

Awesome, great, thankful people who listen to my music when i am trying to pass all my thoughts and feelings through it?Who am i then?record player - the speaker. Music is in me. I am in the music. But who are we? We are not important to anyone and enything who doesn't know us....

White line

i had it, i have. Will i have this fame in the future? Everything dies one day. Music does NOT. Me in this Music - ?

Black line

I don't have to do all this.

White line

It brings happiness - not only me but everyone. Would the world change without me or my Little Black Sandals for example? Sample simple question. Sample simple answer:without me - would not. Maybe without LBS - i say "maybe" because i don't know - maybe someone heard it and protects his children now.

To sum up

We need everything what exists and what takes place in the Universe.

We are all needy.

Hey Guys!

It's comfortable, isn't it?hm!

Love the! You can comment MyBlogs here, read it, enjoy it!Bettr than Facebook, really.