Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The girl-legend






I'm talkin bou Miley Cyrus.

Fure down.

I bought her album Breakout

Fure down.

And listened to it.


Excellent! Don't be jealous to the other people even if they are 15.

By the way. Watched 17 Again.

Maybe i become mad?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Moon fever

Everyone around me talks about the Twilight Saga: newmoon.Later i asked:what's this?

They said:" Oh, Sia, You don't know?how could it be?"

So i say "ok" and watch Twilight.

One of the best films i have ever seen. Good work, Hardwick!(what a pity that not Hard Week - more suitable!)

Sorry for my second poppycock!

It's a pleasure for me to know, that Breathe Me single can become one of the soundtracks - thanks Benny and all your team!

And one more thing:right now i am reading New Moon book.

Twilight'ers is already finished!


I have excellent news!
Now everyone can read everything i am thinking about here in my blog!
So register on, subscribe to my blog Gourmandises By Sia+ and become my reader!
With love

No, i just don't wanna.....How to walk away as fast as... can.

Better do it at once. You don't like something - tell about it. "Say it, say it!"- asks Haley from Paramore. Say it!


Your boss told you about a new rule - no coffee while workin on some imp documents?

You look like pale white ice-cold ugly Zomby?

Say 'im:no.

Got the sack?Ok, now you can go home, take a cup of coffee, become rosy, warm, beautiful creature instead of dying without this precious cup of ground beans. That does not suit you?!

Walk Away+

Monday, June 8, 2009

Everyone has a life...?

In NYC i travel by subway, it is not so comfortable but i donwanna stand out, really))))))))

Every time i go down the escalator i watch the people around me:this girl is too haughty, this is the boy with an awful haircut....seems to be very nervous((((

I never thought that they are someone like me, a human, with parents,animals at home....They EVEN have their own favourite activities, mottoes, their OWN frank feelings and problems - so difficult to solve!

And this spotty guy with scruffy clothes and wet locks..!

Maybe he has a poultry at home, love it very much!adore it!it is his Lentil!

Everyone has a life, a name...

But when we hear "5 billion"- it seems to be a few...

Take care, don't forget...

Today is a brandnew day....

Everytime i tell myself:today is a new day. What for?If we would everyday think about the circumstances and events of the previous one, we will become mad people. So i say:do i need this?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Someone said blog is speaking russian.
Now i see this is true - just a problem of this site.
Sorry everyone - i changed the language - hope now it's fine.